The Mortgage Process Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

November 15, 2021

Applying for a mortgage is a big step toward homeownership, but it doesn’t need to be one you fear. Here are some easy steps to help you prepare to buy a home. 


Know your score

Your credit score and history play a role in your future loan. Know your score, what impacts it, and how to build strong credit. 


Organize your Documents

Gather tax returns, bank statements, and more so the information is easily accessible when you’re ready.


Get Pre-approved

Work with your Tabor Mortgage Group loan officer to determine what you can afford and get pre-approved so you can begin your home search. 


Discuss Loan Types and Terms

Learn about the various loan types, their terms, and their durations to find out what’s right for you. 


Lean on the Professionals

A Tabor Mortgage loan officer will connect you with an agent so you’ll have expert advice every step of the way. 


Any major life change can be scary and buying a home is no different. Let’s connect so you have an expert by your side to take the fear out of the equation and get you the home of your dreams!